Customer Insight – Overview

“Understand the design and quality perception of your target customer”

The Car Men team have developed unique methods to explore consumer design perception.

Our expertise is in asking the right questions and understanding the answers as only designers can. We then interpret these results to define factors that will impact on new product development. We manage research to give design relevant answers.

Car Men’s research over the last eight years into the major social developments, the younger generation and design taste in the European market gives us the background know hot to create a robust future forecast of the market.

Our methods include:customer_insight

  • Sensual indexing
  • Emotional profiling
  • Future scenario generation
  • Verbatim assesment
  • Pocket questionnaires
  • Video interviews

Project examples :

  • Percieved quality clinics
  • New concept clinics
  • Premium perception factors
  • Brand image analysis