Geneva Motor Show 2013 – Press Preview

The Geneva Motor Show 2013 is soon to begin. As a preparation for the event, we are making press images of upcoming cars available to you in our concepts section. Press images in Car Menu can be accessed through subscription accounts and our free press login. We will soon follow up with our high detail photographs and [...] [...]

Geneva 2012 Trends

We have updated Car Menu with our most recent trend report about the Geneva Motor Show 2012. You can access our analysis through our concept section – Log in to Car Menu now to find out more. [...]

Geneva Motor Show 2012

Our cars are going high-tech. In the past, alternative methods of propulsion have been THE key technology to showcase. In Geneva 2012 however, we have been presented a potpourri of modernistic gadgets tailored to the end-user. We have photographed over 70 concept and production cars and have made them available to you in Car Menu. [...] [...]

Geneva 2011 Trends

This year’s Geneva motor show has presented us a large variety of ideas. But what are the automakers’ imaginations for the car of tomorrow? We conducted an in-depth analysis of the show and have updated Car Menu with an extensive trend report. Log in to Car Menu now to study our findings in the Geneva 2011 [...] [...]

Geneva Motor Show 2011

The Geneva Motor Show 2011 is finally here and we have prepared dozens of concept and production models for you to review in detail. A variety of world premiers are displayed. ‘Green’, ‘eco’, ‘carbon’ and ‘hybrid’ are some of the show’s buzzwords, but the manufacturers haven’t been shy with the heavyweights either. Follow us and discover the [...] [...]

Geneva 2010 Trends

This year’s Geneva Motor Show has offered a colourful variety of interpretations of our present and the future. Find out which trends matter. Log in to Car Menu now and check out our trends analysis for the Geneva Motor Show 2010. If you have missed out on any of our previous trends, simply navigate to a prior motor [...] [...]

Geneva Motor Show 2010

We visited Switzerland and have prepared fresh impressions for you from the Geneva Motor Show. How do the design offices plan to advance the automotive landscape in the near future? Find out on Car Menu. Did you know? You can also browse through press images of the exhibited production and concept cars, and many more models. Try [...] [...]