The Images

the_imagesTo help you make the best judgement we take the greatest care in producing our images.

All of our production car images are taken in a lighting controlled environment and from consistent camera angles.

This allows you to compare cars with a minimum of visual distraction and at the correct relative scale.

We provide between 300 and 500 images per production car at up to 16mp which helps you see the details that make the difference.

Coverage of all the major motor shows (and minor shows with significant launches) is included in the system. We take the same, detailed approach as we do in the studio and cover concepts and new production cars alike. We’re also happy offer our customers customised show coverage on any theme.

We know how hard it can be to find detailed images of automotive interiors. That’s why we take up to 300 high-resolution interior images of each car we place in the system.

This allows you to see each manufacturers approach to perceived quality, graining and material selection. As with our exterior photos, we work to consistent angles, making comparison between images a breeze.

When it comes to concept vehicles we make sure we capture every cool design detail, material treatment and functional aspect in high-resolution. If you can’t make it to the show, we’ve got you covered.